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BigToken is an app that will give you points to answer simple questions and short surveys.

Actions are small tasks designed to learn more about your demographics, interests, behaviors, and more. These actions include:

Answering questions and surveys

Checking into your locations

Referring friends and family

Connecting your social accounts

Bigtoken also have a website you can earn points

9/20/2019- They currently have an average rating in the app store of 3.7 out of 5 with 370 Ratings

At this time the minimal amount of points you can withdraw with is 2100 ($21) and you get withdraw 25% of your balance every 30 days.

Withdraw every 30 days through Paypal or Gift Cards.

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Use code 4P15SYH00 when signing up and receive a signup bonus.

Bigtoken also have a great referral program that will allow you to earn from your referrals plus people they refer on multiple levels.

BIGtoken is a consumer data management and distribution system. As a wholly owned subsidiary of publicly-traded company, SRAX (Nasdaq: SRAX), our team has experienced first hand the challenges and frustrations of working with digital data, and we believe it’s time to break down the barriers dividing consumers from the data they produce.

Tip of the day:
The more actions you finish, the more you earn!

Use code 4P15SYH00 when signing up and receive a signup bonus.

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