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Don’t miss out on the chance to earn money while you learn Crypto!!!! Use this link to watch short videos and earn money for answering simple questions related to the video.  You can choose to keep earning or cashout to Paypal or Bank Account. There is a verification process you must pass in order to take text and earn.


Create Account or login to Coinbase account

Coinbase Earn

How Do You Earn Money From Coinbase Earn

It simple! For each coin, you watch a series of short videos intended to educate you on that coin. After each video, you answer a single quiz question (really easy!), and are then credited $2-$5 instantly for each correct question!

Coinbase Earn Waitlist

If you try to sing up for Coinbase Earn without an invitation link, you’ll quickly notice you are able to watch the videos but you are not able to earn free coins, and you might see a message that looks like this:

“You’re on the list we’ll notify you when it’s your turn to earn Coinbase”

If you see this, just come back here and click on the invitation link here to make sure you unlock all earning opportunities!

How To Sign Up For Coinbase Earn

Coinbase Earn is currently INVITE ONLY and every invitation link is limited to only 4 referrals, so seats are extremely limited! In order to qualify for Coinbase Earn, you must live in one of the eligible countries and you must complete customer and ID verification, and be at the maximum account level. So, don’t bother even signing up for Coinbase if you aren’t ready to provide the necessary ID verification such as photo ID, SSN, address, and phone number. So here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Verify you qualify for Coinbase Earn here.
  2. Sign up for Coinbase – If you are already a Coinbase member, simply login and visit the “Account Levels” page to verify you have unlocked Level 3 access.
  3. Once you have verified you qualify for Coinbase Earn and you have verified your identify, click this invite link to unlock the $50 free stellar lumens course. Keep in mind the invitation link is required to unlock the free stellar lumens course.
  4. Once you’ve unlocked the free stellar lumens course, watch each video and use the following answers for each quiz question

Signup for Coinbase Earn

How To Earn $50 Free Stellar Lumens (Free XLM)

To earn $50 free stellar lumens (XLM), there are a total of 5 videos and 5 questions (answers below) each crediting $2 in free stellar lumens, which instantly puts $10 in free stellar lumens in your account in under 5 minutes).

To get the additional $40 in free stellar lumens, you need to refer 4 people to also sign up and complete the quiz. But remember, each invitation link is limited to only 4 seats, so invitations are extremely limited and highly sought after!

You will need to verify information before you can earn money for watching the videos.

Link a your bank account/PayPal for withdrawal.

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