Earn Up to $1,000/more per month using these apps referral programs. 

These apps also offer a sign up bonus. I have listed information on each app below.

I use multiple apps, because the average person won’t see one app and sign up. If they see multiple apps with information that will increase the chances of them signing up for at least one.


Dosh is a cashback rewards app that is very easy to use. It have a referral program plus you earn cashback for linking your card or multiple cards and using them at qualifying places. You can earn $5 for signing up and linking a card plus $5/referral.


Use code xkjlzy  and receive $5 sign up bonus.

PEI is another cashback program that you can earn bitcoin or cashback for using linked cards. I earn more with this app because they offer cashback/Btc for more purchases. This app also pay $5 for signing up and completing one purchase and $5 per referral up to 50 referrals.


Stash is an investing app that will allow you to invest starting at $5. In order to get the $5 sign up bonus, you would have to make a deposit of at least $5 into your investing account. Earn $5 per referral.


Ellevest is another investing app. This app is for women only… There is a $20 signup bonus after creating and funding a goal at least $1 plus $20 per refferral. You account have to stay in good standing to receive refferral bonus. ( I set my goal up to deposit $1 per month and that amount work for me)


Use code 200VR0 to receive $5 bonus

Vimvest is a savings app. Create one goal and receive $5 for signing up after a $5 deposit. Earn $5 per referral up to $100/month.


Abra is a crypto app where you can buy/sell crypto. This app is very easy to use. You can earn up to $25 bonus for your first time deposit.

Deposit at least $5 from your bank account to get the full $25 bonus.  Earn up to $25 per referral that make a deposit. I always let people know that the $5 deposit must come from your bank account to get the bonus or it will be 1.5% for BTC deposits.

Cash App

Use code WPPMJXJ to receive $5 sign up bonus.

Cash App is becoming a very popular app for paying friends. This app will pay you a $5 bonus after your 1st transaction over $5, plus $5 per referral.

Cash App will give you a code that your referral must enter in the refferal section for you to get the bonus. I don’t earn much with this app anymore. I earned a lot in the beginning referring family and friends.


This is a new banking app that have no monthly fees. I use this app for most of my commissions and have no issues so far. They also have a cashback rewards program.  Aspirations have a $25 cash plus $25 to donate for signing up with at least $10.  Earn $25 per referral that complete the same steps.


Chime Banking also have no monthly fees and is very easy to use. This app pay a $50 sign up bonus after a $200 Direct Deposit within 45 days plus $50 per referral.


Einstein is a crypto app that you can buy/sell crypto. The sign-up bonus is $7.50 ( after you convert the CAD bonus to USD) and $7.50 per verified referral.

Take your time and learn how each app work before referring people to it. The worst thing you can do is get asked a simple question that you can’t answer. This isn’t something that will happen quick. Most apps only take a few minutes to sign up, but you have to complete a few simple steps in order to qualify for the signup bonus and make money from the referral program. A few of the apps require a small deposit, but compared to the benefits and money earned from referrals, its worth it.

This method work best if you have a blog, use social media, or have some kind of way to advertise.

Create one page or multiple ads using honest information on how the app work and your honest opinion will also help out a lot.