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Updated – 11/4/2019

The holidays is coming up!!! It’s not too late to start earning extra money and gift cards online or phone. I’m go start by listing some of my favorite apps/websites for earning gift cards, cash, and/or Bitcoin.

11/10/2019 THIS WEBSITE IS DOWN FOR MAINTENANCE ——–My favorite website for making money so far is I get to try services I want to try anyway and get reimbursed for them. I can also take surveys to make money. I have made over $20 in a few minutes signing up for services like Hulu, Lifelock, Coffee and a few more. The minimum amount to cashout on Paypal is $0.10. There are different minimum amounts needed to withdraw cryptocurrency. This website will also lead you to some other good ways to earn money every day and get paid to try them. A few weeks ago I was paid over $14 dollars to earn 500 points on Swagbucks. It took me less than 30 mins to earn the 500 SB’s. I turned that 500 points into and $5 gift card for Amazon. Get paid for – offers, watching videos, downloading apps,taking surveys plus more! One of the easiest ways to earn with Gain is trying new apps.


Take surveys,complete offers, enter contests, or or download apps and earn Gift Cards, Cash, Bitcoin. Lowest gifts cards start at 200 points = $2. They also have a referral program. Use my link ( click on FeaturePoints ) and get 50 points to start off with.


Sign up for services and get paid. The only thing with this website is that you try the offer first then they pay you to get other people to try it. Its a nice way to get free services monthly if you know people that can benefit.


Complete offers and other simple tasks, cashout with gift cards, Paypal, Or Prepaid Visa card. The lowest Amazon gift card is $3 which is 300 SB. You can make 400 SB within the first 10 -15 mins of signing up.

FieldAgent and Merchandiser are 2 apps that you can get paid for completing simple tasks.

Field Agent have a lot of tasks that can be completed at Walmart.

Merchandiser is an app I use to make money while shopping for stuff I need anyway. Someone gave me the link to receive $10 off my first order with Walmart Grocery. I needed household supplies and food at the time. I went to Field Agent and seen they had two jobs open for $13 a piece. One for an online non grocery order and the other was for an online grocery order. I used the $10 off of $50 grocery and made $13 dollars for doing it. I was also reimbursed for the eggs I brought and paid $13 for the household supplies. I ended up with $23 for my grocery and $13 for my household supplies

Bigtoken have an app and website that you can get paid for your data, not in a creepy way, but more like you choose which questions/ surveys you answer. Most of what you do on your phone/computer is tracked anyway, so why not get paid for it!!!!!. Bigtoken pay out once per month, you will need at least $21 ( 2100) points to cash out. You can monthly and payment methods is PayPal or Gift Cards. I haven’t had any issues staying over 2100 points nor cashing out. Use code 4P15SYH00 when signing up and receive a signup bonus.


Complete simple tasks and earn multiple cryptocurrencies. You can sign up to earn Bitcoin but change to another at anytime. The payout take a few days, but they do pay. I am trying to earn with every crypto that Coinbase also offer. There is different min. amounts for withdrawal. Everytime I reach the min. amount I cashout and switch the crytpo I want to earn. I am doing it this way to have a small amount of all the major cryptos. I still have a long way to go, so it is one of my short term goals!!!

EarnCrypto – Offers, Surveys, Data Entry, Crowdflower Task, Install Apps, Watch Videos, Invite Friends!!!!

Earn Litecoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Doge plus more.

I’m go skip around some and get to saving money. Qapital is an app that you can set goals and have a set amount automatically withdrawn from your linked account and put toward your goal. For a limited time You can get a $20 bonus after your verifying and making your first deposit. If you sign up with Qapital use my please Choose the option “I have a code” to receive the $20 bonus. I use multiple apps for saving money so I have my Qapital account set to save $1 per week.

Investing money can also be a very easy way to make money. This option isn’t instant but if you choose wisely it can end up being worth a lot of money in the future. Stash is an investing app that will allow you to invest in companies with just $5. Stash also offer a $5 bonus after your first deposit of $5. Set up direct deposit and receive an extra $20

Robinhood is an app that you can invest in stocks and crypto. Sign up and receive one free stock, no deposit required.

Webull will also give you one free stock after you sign up and deposit at least $100

Cash Back for shopping. Link your card and receive cashback automatically for qualifying purchases. Each app have their own rules….

PEI – $2.50 bonus after first qualified purchase. Minimum withdrawal is $15. You can withdraw to your bank account or btc wallet.

Dosh – $5 bonus after linking a card for cash back purchases. $25 minimum cashout.

Ebates – $25 bonus after $25 purchase.


Chime – $50 bonus after $200 or more Direct deposit within 45 days

Aspiration – $25 Cash Bonus plus $25 to donate after deposit of $10 or more. This bonus take 8 weeks to post.

Varo – $100 bonus after first direct deposit of $200 or more

If you haven’t already tried Walmart grocery app you can click on this Walmart link and receive $10 off your first order!!! Your order must be over $50 to get $10 off. Pickup and Delivery is available in some locations and that make this even better. This service is free and you can use Food Stamps.

Crypto World…..

Coinbase – $10 Bonus after $100 Deposit ( instant 10% return of investment!!!!)

Abra – $25 Bonus after first deposit of $5 or more from your bank account. The bonus is lower if you deposit using cryptocurrency.

Download CryptoTab and earn Crypto for searching the internet. You can also use CryptoTab Mobile app to earn. Minimum cashout is around $0.10.

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